7 de outubro de 2008

What Tango Vadio is (english)

Tango Vadio can be translated (not really successfully) as slutty, sloppy or drag tango. The name an homage to "Fado Vadio", an event in which fado is expontaneously sung without caring too much for anything else besides art in itself. It was this expontaneous nature of such events, and the focusing on the essential - wanting to tango - which we wanted to express in the choice of our name.

Tango Vadio is a tango promotion project in Portugal. It is a very new project, experimental, very under construction, and sees itself as queer and gender neutral, which means a safe place for people and pairs of ALL GENDERS (man, woman, trans*, and all combinations...).

Tango Vadio is a not regular event. All dates and places of the next events will be published in this mailing list (or write to tango.vadio [at] gmail [point] com for more information).

The workshop is organized in such a way that all the participants (even from different levels, like absolute beginners or already wanting to improve something) may still learn plenty of new things. The tango session will allow any participant to be able to "shine", be a milonga queen/ king/joker/all! After our workshop you will slide the dance floor as it had sex-lube on it.

The objective of the project is the introduction of Tango Argentino in Portugal in a queer and gender neutral fashion. This means that not only the workshops are open to people of all genders, and the combinatory possibilities among them, but also that the gender of the dancer should not play a role in the dance itself. In other words, let´s have Tango without gender clichées... We use the concept of safe place, where all identities should be able to feel confortable, and no discriminatory or agressive behaviour can be tolerated, gender clichées included...

We, Tango Vadio, believe that there are more genders than male and female. We believe that a lot of combinations can take place (not only) for dancing, according to taste, inclination or simply the phase of the Moon, and we believe in creating freedom, poetry and creativity, and pushing them into everyday life.

-Workshop held in Portuguese, with possibility of translation to English
-For pairs and people of all (really!) genders (m, f, trans* ..)
-Possible to take part without a dance partner

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