8 de novembro de 2011

Tango Vadio stays Helsinki!

Tango Vadio is back in business, and is here to stay!

Come by for a couple of hours of Tango Argentino,

come by and dance with us,

let's all together set the dancefloor on fire!

Tango-Vadio goes Helsinki

Tango Argentino for all* genders

Februar, 11th (4 pm but t.b.c!!!)

ARKADIA Oy International Bookshop | Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 9

Tango Vadio is a DIY queer tango project, originally based in Portugal. It is from nature experimental, constantly under-construction and gender-neutral.

Tango Vadio is about creating a safe place for people of all identities and walks of life, trying to get rid of discriminatory behaviour by creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for *ALL*. Therefore it is a a safe place for people and pairs of all genders, and the gender of the dancer is decoupled from the role in the dance.

We believes in making place for freedom and poetry, in creativity, and pushing them into everyday life, reclaiming them, not in a distant future, but today already. It is about fun, smiling and learning. Join us!

The workshop is organized in such a way that all the participants (even from different levels, like absolute beginners or already wanting to improve something) may still learn plenty of new things.

-Workshop is held in English, by Emma Leminen

-For pairs and people of all (really!) genders (m, f, trans* ..)

-Possible to take part without a dance partner

-If you have dance shoes you may bring them. Otherwise, some socks will do the trick.

For more information please write us

Slideshow with moments from Tango Vadio Workshop

Slideshow with moments from Tango Vadio Workshop, in Projecto-Lei, Lisbon, 6th of August 2011.

Photos by Sara Dias de Oliveira
Edited by Emma Leminen